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Case of Wrap Fresh

Case of Wrap Fresh

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1 Case = 12 Bottles and 12 sprayers of your choice!

Protect your investment! Choose your case (Gloss, Satin/Matte, or Mix). Formulated with polymer wax and cleaning agents to remove light dust and fingerprints while adding UV protection to keep your wrap fresh for longer. Spray it on, wipe off and enjoy a protected, clean finish for your wrap!

  • Wrap Fresh Gloss Finish is PH balanced and safe for all gloss wraps, decals, and PPF. 
  • Wrap Fresh Satin / Matte Finish is PH balanced and safe for all satin, flat, and matte wraps, decals, and PPF. 

Download the full Wrap Fresh product page here.

Scent: Cotton Candy

Looking for a case of towels to go with it?

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Wrap Fresh Combo- Protection and Shine For Any Finish

We never loved any of the detail sprays we used to use on our wraps, so we decided to formulate our own. Wrap Fresh was born out of a desire to have the best detail product on the market for vinyl wraps. After trying just about every single one we could get our hands on, we went to the source and developed our proprietary detail spray. Protect from UV rays and any road element you encounter while enjoying a fully enhanced finish.

Stay fresh with Wrap Fresh!

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