Hydro Fresh | How To Use a Sealant

Hydro Fresh | How To Use a Sealant

Before we talk about how to use it, let's talk about why you should use it.

Hydro Fresh is a sealant, which means it falls somewhere between a detail spray and a ceramic coating. While a detail spray is for quick cleaning and weekly maintenance, a sealant is for adding monthly protection. Ceramic coating is for ultimate yearly protection. You can apply sealants on top of your ceramic coating for extra protection.

Wrap Fresh products: detail spray (use weekly), sealant (every 90 days), and ceramic coating (every 3 weeks)

Spray on and wipe it off to quickly and easily add up to 90 days of hydrophobic properties, UV protection, and enhanced finish. You'll notice that dirt doesn't stick as hard and water beads up better. Plus, your wrap will last longer since it has protection from the sun.

How To Use Hydro Fresh

1. Clean
Begin by washing your vehicle using Foam Fresh Foaming Shampoo. Dry your vehicle and make sure it's out of direct sunlight.

2. Apply
Grab a clean microfiber towel and lightly mist Hydro Fresh directly on to Side A of your microfiber towel. Apply the product to one panel at a time in long sweeping motions.

3. Polish
Flip the towel over to Side B and wipe off any excess product. Work one panel at a time.

Enjoy the benefits!


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