Wrap Fresh Gloss | How To Use Detail Sprays

Wrap Fresh Gloss | How To Use Detail Sprays

So you’ve just washed your car but now you want to maintain and protect it. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how do I maintain my vinyl wrap?” you’re thinking big brain thoughts. Many people don’t know that vinyl requires consistent care to keep it healthy for years. A healthy and clean vinyl wrap will last twice as long as a poorly maintained wrap. Although wraps don’t last forever, you spent good money on it, so may as well make your wrap last a long time if you can, right?

How Does Wrap Fresh Work?

Vinyl can dry out, get scratched, burned, and more. Harsh UV rays from the sun, heat soak, and burned on water spots have the potential to ruin your wrap and investment. Did you know, a well maintained wrap can sometimes protect the paint underneath, while a poorly maintained wrap can ruin the paint?

Similar to an SPF lotion for your skin, Wrap Fresh acts as a hydrating UV protector for your wrap. 


Why Wrap Fresh?

If you have a gloss finish wrap, the best product to maintain your vinyl wrapped car is Wrap Fresh Gloss Finish because it uses a special formulated PH balance to hydrate and protect your vinyl. Think of it like lotion for your skin. Not only does it protect, but it also leaves an attractive glossy shine that is hydrophobic and can keep your car looking cleaner for longer. Only the best detail sprays on the market will help you maintain your car and Wrap Fresh is your safe solution.


How To Clean Your Gloss Wrapped Car:

Fold your clean Wrap Fresh 420GSM Microfiber towel and spray one side of the towel with Wrap Fresh Gloss Finish detail spray. Wipe one section of your vehicle at a time and quickly wipe it off with the dry side of your towel. We recommend doing small sections at a time. While we always recommend that you wash your car first, you can still use Wrap Fresh as a quick wash if that car does not have dirt, mud, or any debris on it.

Your vinyl wrap is an investment. That’s why Wrap Fresh is the best detail spray for wraps.

Wrap Fresh decal & wrap cleaner UV Protectant on the microfiber towel
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