Why Should I Use Microfiber Towels?

Why Should I Use Microfiber Towels?


If you’re reading this, your car is definitely your pride and joy, so you know that taking care of its appearance is important. Scratches and swirls in your paint and vinyl wrap are the fastest way to ruin the exterior of your vehicle. Vinyl wraps should be treated just like paint, even if it’s a satin or matte wrap. That’s where microfiber towels come in to play. You want the best microfiber towels for your car without breaking the bank. Affordable microfiber towels, like the Wrap Fresh 420GSM Towels are the best tool for wiping down your car and keeping it healthy.


Out With The Old, In With The New

The old days of using a sponge and rag are over. After you wash your car, you should always use a quality microfiber towel and Wrap Fresh to detail the exterior surfaces. This will keep your wrap hydrated and protect it from harsh UV rays from the sun. Using a microfiber towel to wipe it down will ensure you get a nice even application without scratching your wrap. Not just any towel will do. You want to avoid cheap microfiber towels and stick with the top products.


How Does a Microfiber Towel Work? 

A microfiber towel is so much more than your average dish towel or bath towel. There’s science and technology involved when it comes to the best microfiber towels for detailing. Woven with millions of positively charged polyester fibers and negatively charged nylon fibers, microfiber towels actually attract, pull up, and hold dirt particles deep within the towel. As you know, dirt is what actually scratches the paint and vinyl on your car.

Picture this: As you’re wiping your wrapped car, the dirt on your wrap gets sucked up into the deep crevices of the towel instead of the surface of the towel. As you’re wiping, that dirt is so trapped within the towel that it has less contact with your car. More towel + less dirt = fewer scratches and swirls.

Additionally, microfiber towels absorb up to 10x more water, soap, and detail spray than traditional towels so that you get a nice even coat while you’re detailing. Now you have a clean and protected car. No more streaks for you.

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