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Headlight Tint - TPU Tinted Film for Headlights and Taillights PPF | Smoked and Vanish

Headlight Tint - TPU Tinted Film for Headlights and Taillights PPF | Smoked and Vanish

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(you guys are awesome and selling us out quick)

Now you can tint AND protect your headlights all in one go. ARMR headlight tint is offered in a medium smoke, dark smoke, and VANISH so that you can match your style and keep your headlights protected for years.

This is a true TPU film meaning it will help to prevent rock chips and light scratches, plus it blocks UV rays to reduce yellowing and fading of your headlights and tail lights.

VANISH: ARMR's Adaptive Transition Tint changes darkness with the light. It's clear at night, and smoked during the day in the sunlight.

SMOKED: ARMR's Smoked Tint is offered in a medium smoke or a dark smoke. It is non-adaptive and stays one darkness at all times.

Glossy Finish: ARMR Headlight tint is made from TPU (the same stuff as PPF clear bra) so it has a crystal clear glossy finish that also protects your lights from things like small rock chips, scratches, UV damage, yellowing, and more. 

Size: Each full roll is 12" x 50'. You can also purchase it by the foot.

Installation: As a true TPU protection film, this MUST be installed wet using a tack solution. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Disclaimer: This film should only be applied to OEM headlights and tail lights and is not designed to be applied to painted / wrapped surfaces, ceramic coated surface, or windows. Do not ceramic coat your lights prior to installation, as the film will not adhere to ceramic coating. Please consult your local laws regarding head light and tail light tint for road use, as legality varies by state. Professional installation recommended.

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VANISH is clear at night and indoors, then turns smoked during the day when exposed to the sun light. This means you have optimal visibility at all times!

ARMR Smoked headlight tint offers ultimate clarity and protection, with rich smoked tint so that you can rock your style while maintaining maximum visibility!