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Ultimate Gloss Detail Kit

Ultimate Gloss Detail Kit

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It's the ultimate kit for your wrapped vehicle! Wraps cost thousands of dollars these days, and the best way to increase the lifespan of your wrap is to clean and protect it. The biggest killer of vinyl is UV rays. That's why we designed our products to block UV rays, moisturize your wrap, and prevent scratches and swirls. This kit is intended for gloss finish wraps. If you have a satin or matte wrap, check out this kit: Ultimate Satin and Matte Detail Kit.

Included in your gloss kit: 

Bundle and Save! This bundle saves you 10% off each individual product because we love you. 

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Wrap Fresh Gloss- Spray on, smile on

We never loved any of the detail sprays we used to use on our wraps, so we decided to formulate our own. Wrap Fresh was born out of a desire to have the best detail product on the market for vinyl wraps. After trying just about every single one we could get our hands on, we went to the source and developed our proprietary detail spray. Protect from UV rays and any road element you encounter while enjoying a fully enhanced finish. 

Stay fresh with Wrap Fresh!

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