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Clear Glossy Blurple - ARMR Color PPF Paint Protection Film Roll

Clear Glossy Blurple - ARMR Color PPF Paint Protection Film Roll

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ARMR is the newest technology in the wrap and PPF industry. We're offering the best of both worlds by combining the protection and enhanced benefits of PPF. Now you can have the improved durability, finish, and protection of PPF. Every roll is made-to-order and requires a production time of approximately 15-20 days.

ARMR PPF is available as a full 50' roll or a roll by-the-yard. For example, 10 yards would be 60" x 360". 

Clear Glossy Blurple is a clear PPF film with flake inside of the layers. It intended to be installed on top of your factory OEM paint or on top of a wrap to enhance the finish and protect the surface. For example: If you install this film on top of black paint, it will appear to be a blue / black / purple color shift.

Want to see an example of Blurple? Click here.

Color Clear Glossy Blurple (Color Shift)
Top Layer
Glossy TPU
Wet Install
Film Warranty with Wrap Fresh Care
10 Years
Production Lead Time
15-20 business days

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Note: Discount Codes for Wrap Fresh Detail Products do not apply to ARMR Products

ARMR is composed of 5 uniquely constructed layers that create the industry’s latest dry-installation PPF. The individual layers allow for rich color and deep finishes easily mistaken for paint. You no longer have to worry about small scratches and imperfections thanks to the self healing heat properties of our Hyper Ceramic Top Coating.


*When installed correctly and well maintained using Wrap Fresh products, ARMR will easily provide up to 10 years of flawless protection. The ARMR warranty covers yellowing, discoloration, cracking, and bubbling.

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Is this product wet, or dry install?

ARMR Color PPF is dry installation and uses acrylic adhesive under a PET release liner. ARMR Clear Glossy and Frosty is wet installation.

What are the benefits of color PPF?

Protect your OEM paint against:

  • Minor scratches
  • Stains and chemical damage
  • UV rays and heat damage
  • Minor rock chips
  • Bird poop and bugs

What if ARMR gets scratched?

Thanks to the protective top layer, ARMR is resistant to minor scratches and contains some self-healing properties. To activate the self-healing process, you can try the following suggestions:

  • Leave the vehicle in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours on a hot day.
  • Use a heat gun to gently heat the scratched area.
  • Carefully pour steaming hot water on the scratched area.

If the scratch or chip is deeper than the top layer, it may not be repairable and the damaged section of film will need to be replaced.

Why choose PPF instead of vinyl wrap?

PPF provides more protection over traditional color change vinyl wrap thanks to its TPU layer and top coat. PPF also offers a deeper, more paint-like finish thanks to the depth of the various layers. PPF also lasts longer than traditional vinyl wrap. Now with ARMR, you can improve the look of your vehicle and protect it at the same time!

How long does ARMR last?

The lifespan of the film heavily depends on how well it is maintained. No matter what type of film you choose, it should be replaced if it begins showing signs of fatigue. ARMR's high quality production and material composition gives us the confidence to offer a 10 year warranty.*

How do I maintain a PPF wrap?

Vinyl and PPF films are most susceptible to damage from the sun and harsh elements. To increase the lifespan of your wrap, we recommend regularly cleaning your vehicle using Wrap Fresh products as directed. We also recommend ceramic coating your wrap, keeping it out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time, along with not using abrasive towels or brushes.

Why is PPF more expensive?

PPF offers more durability, longevity, and protection than traditional vinyl wrap. ARMR offers more color depth, glossy shine, and more accurate metallic flake than most traditional vinyl wrap. There is a noticeable premium difference in the way that ARMR looks and acts compared to traditional vinyl wrap. This difference comes at a premium price.

Why doesn't my discount code work?

Discount codes for Wrap Fresh Detail Products do not apply to ARMR Products. Please reach out to us directly to learn more about ARMR discounts.