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Premium Applicator Pad for Applying Ceramic Coating and Sealants

Premium Applicator Pad for Applying Ceramic Coating and Sealants

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If you're an experienced detailer or want to level up your ceramic coating, this 5" microfiber pad makes the process way easier and streamlines your process. More coverage, more comfortable in your hand, and more absorbent.

Pairs well with Fresh Coat Ceramic Coating.
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Fresh Coat: The Ceramic Coating You've Been Waiting For

The only way to ensure you're maximizing the life of your wrap it to make sure it's coated and sealed. Fresh Coat offers premium protection by using professional grade Ceramic Graphene, and was formulated by vinyl wrappers with no patience for weak or underperforming coatings. In addition to the strength and longevity of Fresh Coat's protection, it also enhances any finish, including satin, and matte.

Choose between the 30ml and 50ml sizes, depending on how much coating you have to do. The 50ml bottle gives you an average of two full-vehicle applications per bottle. Every package comes with the standard applicator pad. Upgrade your order to include our premium ultra-soft 420GSM microfiber towels and pad for an extra polished experience.

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